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What people are saying about Matthew Ferry
"Matthew Ferry is a great coach. This book will inspire and uplift you as well as give you the tools and techniques that will enable you to go beyond what you thought you could do, and help you to realize your goals and dreams. "
Bob Kriegel, Ph.D., Author, If It Ain’t Broke… Break it! and Other Unconventional Wisdom for a Changing Business World 
"Let Matthew empower you with his insights so you can add value to everyone! As a result, your life will be vibrant beyond your expectations, and your sales will skyrocket effortlessly. "
V. John Alexandrov, CEO, Legacy Capital Solutions LLC - Author, Affirmation of Wealth and Your Spiritual Gold Mind
With Matthew’s conscious approach to sales, I learned how to drop the struggle, fear, and resistance to people and approach my business relationships with passion and joy. 
I’m having a lot more fun, and opportunities are naturally attracted to me! 
Thach Nguyen, Real Estate Agent, Investor
Contemplation Paragraphs from Creating Sales Velocity 
  • I am becoming a conscious sales person who has the ability to do nothing and have it all occur. Selling is a joy and a contribution to the planet and therefore I am a contribution to the planet. I am awakening my ability to attract sales effortlessly and with Joy…right now. 
  • ​I live in an abundant universe. There is an infinite amount of wealth for me to tap into. The universe is delivering all that I need. The perfect people are showing up in my day at the perfect time. The people who show up in my life are already a “yes” to my product or service. I experience synchronicity everyday because I recognize that we are all one and we are all connected.
  • ​I am making a contribution to the people that I sell. I am looking out for their best interests and they can feel it. People put themselves in my hands. I focus my intentions on my customer’s needs, wants and desires. I am completely unattached to the outcome.
  • ​I put my awareness on others. I practice giving up my judging and assessing. I give up my need to be right and look good. My mind chatter is disappearing.
  • ​I am responsible for everything in my life. I am totally flexible in every sales situation. I take responsibility for the experience my client is having. I am aware of my client’s minute nonverbal cues and how they are responding to me. I am creating the outcome that my client desires.
  • ​My highest goal is to feel good and up lift others. My feelings are emanating out of me like a giant magnet. I change my point of view to bring myself back to happiness. I find the perfection in everything and everyone. I am constantly looking for what I love about my life. I find the joy in frustration. I expect synchronicity and I declare miracles. I trust myself.
  • ​My clients and I are eternal beings. I give up my righteousness because I realize that everyone is doing the best they can. I allow others the pleasure of being right. I align with people’s energy. I move the way they move. I speak the way they speak. I feel myself being them and looking through their eyes. I have total and complete acceptance of all people, in all situations, at all times including myself.
  • ​I practice being the creator of my experience. I always ask myself “How did I create this?” and “What do I want?” I play the perfect game. What ever is offered, I take. What ever is suggested, I do. What ever happens, I declare it perfect. I constantly bring my mind back into focus on what I want and what brings me joy.
Questions from Creating Sales Velocity 

1. What does the client need, want or desire?  
2. Do I have what’s right for them at this time?  
3. Will my product or service make a difference for this person?  
4. How can I help? 
5. What can I do to assist this person in getting what they want?  
6. What am I doing to cause this response?
7. Which feelings will serve you and the client best?
8. Which feelings will make selling enjoyable?
9. Why is today perfect?
10. What’s perfect in your life?
11. What do you love about your job?
12. What do you love about your career as a sales person?
13. What do you love about your company?
14. What do you love about your product or service? 
15. What do you love about your management?  
16. What do you love about your co-workers?
17. What’s right about this person?
18. Why have they been sent to me?
19. What do I like about them?
20. How can I honor this person?
21. What do you love about your life?
22. What works about your life?
23. What’s good about your life?
24. What’s right about your life?
25. What’s perfect in your life?
26. What’s fabulous about your life?
27. Can you feel the love?
28. What has the universe lined up for me today?
29. How is this the perfect situation to be in?
30. Is there anything in life that I am happy about right now?
31. If I made up something good about this situation, what could I make up that would make me laugh and feel good?
32. If I was someone else looking at this situation, what could I learn from this that would be valuable from a spiritual perspective?
33. How is this my responsibility?
34. How did I create this?
35. Where have I been placing my thoughts in order to manifest this?
36. How do you want your days to look?
37. What outcome do you want to produce with this next sales call?
38. How will your life be 10 years from now?
39. Who is your perfect client and what makes them so perfect?

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