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Rave Reviews for Creating Sales Velocity
"Of the thousands of salespeople and sales trainers I have met, Matthew Ferry holds the clearest and deepest understandings of what it means to succeed in sales. Sooner or later, every salesperson must become a conscious salesperson to realize his or her full potential. Let Matthew empower you with his insights so you can add value to everyone! As a result, your life will be vibrant beyond your expectations, and your sales will skyrocket effortlessly."
V. John Alexandrov, CEO, Legacy Capital Solutions LLC, Author, Affirmation of Wealth and Your Spiritual Gold Mind
"Matthew Ferry is a great coach. This book will inspire and uplift you as well as give you the tools and techniques that will enable you to go beyond what you thought you could do, and help you to realize your goals and dreams."
Bob Kriegel, Ph.D., Author, If It Ain’t Broke… Break it! and Other Unconventional Wisdom for a Changing Business World.
"Matthew Ferry’s Sales Velocity training has catapulted my coaching business from dozens to tens of thousands in less than two years."
Steven S. Sadleir, Director, Self Awareness Institute
"Matthew Ferry changed the way I relate to work.  I thought sales were all about putting in long hours; I didn’t enjoy my work.  Matthew has taught me the power of mindset, which has contributed to a 1000% increase in income over the past 5 years."
Philip Tirone, First Capital Mortgage
"Working with Matthew Ferry has truly created sales velocity in my business. To put it in simple terms, it took me, and three employees working full time, to do 8 to 10 deals in a year. In the last two months I’ve reduced my staff down to two, and have done 16 deals with less stress and a lot less work."
Mikkel Bondesen, Manager/Producer, Fuse Entertainment
"When Matthew told me that I could “Do nothing and have it ALL occur” I thought “Oh yeah, right!” Using Matthew’s sales techniques, I have created a million dollars in commission a year, spending less than 40 hours per week … not to mention the seven-plus weeks of prime vacation! I used to be all about negativity, struggle, judgement, and revenge. Today, I am about having it all come to me peacefully, joyfully, and effortlessly."
Cara DeSimone, Realtor, Coldwell Banker

"My business and personal life continue to flourish.  Every new thought I embrace manifests even more abundance, peace and joy.  My doing is now effortless and my results are extraordinary.  My communication and relationships I have with my clients, my staff, and my friends are at levels I could only dream of before.  With Matthew’s guidance, I experience miracles daily; it’s that simple."
Bob Hoff, Data Exchange LLC
"After 10 years of slow growth in my business, accumulating 150 accounts, I started to believe my success was limited. With Matthew’s techniques, I added 100 clients in 12 months, and I even started taking vacations! Thank you Matthew!"
Craig Medici, CEO, Natural Ambiance
"With Matthew’s conscious approach to sales, I learned how to drop the struggle, fear, and resistance to people and approach my business relationships with passion and joy. I’m having a lot more fun, and opportunities are naturally attracted to me!"
Thach Nguyen, Real Estate Agent/ Investor, John L. Scott Real Estate
Bob Kriegel, Ph.D., Author, If It Ain’t Broke… Break it! and Other Unconventional Wisdom for a Changing Business World.
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  • Creating Sales Velocity has been called "The Sales Bible" for Conscious Sales People.
  • Over 20,000 copies of the Creating Sales Velocity book have sold nationwide.
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    Matthew Ferry
    Coach, Trainer, Best Selling Author
    About the Author
    Since the beginning of his sales career in 1989, Matthew Ferry has dedicated himself to mastering techniques of persuasion and influence. Matthew has mastered the art of teaching salespeople how to become irresistible to their clients, and as a one-on-one coach, has improved results for thousands of clients all over the world. His roster of clients includes some of the highest-paid agents, executives, and entrepreneurs in fields such as real estate, medical sales, entertainment, and finance.
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